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At allsoft®, we understand that every business wants to grow and needs to be more efficient and cost-effective. It may sound easy, but with various operations within the organization, the task of automating business solutions could be complex and lengthy. We work as a company that provides automation services for business operations and consulting services to make your day-to-day operations much smoother. We ensure that our clients use the latest automated technologies to give them a competitive edge in the market. We have set a benchmark in the market within our segment.

What is unique about us?

The most unique part of our offerings is the customized service.
  • We understand that every business has certain requirements, which is why we make sure to understand the necessities of our clients and provide the custom solutions that suit their business.
  • We ensure that we use the latest and most trending technologies to provide the best business solutions for your company.
  • We offer custom software development as per your requirements on the Web and Mobile.
  • We provide our clients with solutions that have been tried and tested in various industries and have provided positive results.
  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Development

  • Data Analysis

We analyze the challenges faced by our clients and provide end-to-end solutions to increase their productivity. We try to deliver effective solutions for major problems modern companies face today.

  • First is the integration with a smart, automated software solution, custom-built for their requirements.
  • The second is streamlining the business workflow, which can save time and money.
Be it accounting, delivery, sales, logistics, trades, etc.; we have all the solutions for businesses of any scale. We maintain industry standards while delivering you quality solutions for your business. We come with the experience of 10+ years and ensure that our team of experienced professionals provides the best results for you. Our IT consultancy and automation services are designed to increase your business’s growth and revenue consistently.

We understand what your business wants and ensure on-time and quality delivery every time.


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Data Analysis

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allsoft® came with a Vision of creating an industry standard in the field of automation and IT consultation, which is the barrier we tend to break every time. We have a vision of providing some of the best services to every company regarding the scale they are working at. We are working as a company that caters to every organization's needs, from every market segment. We want to provide cost-effective as well as custom solutions for business challenges. Our vision allows us to provide the best solutions to any business.


Our mission is to be the best in the segment while maintaining the quality of the services every time. To achieve our vision, we ensure that we not only build a one-time relationship with the client but convert them into returning customers with a healthy business relationship. We aim to build a trustworthy relationship with our clients, where every detail is fair and shared with them most transparently. At the same time, our mission is to provide the latest and most trending services to our clients, which are not provided by any in the market, without spending a fortune.
  • We value the time and money the client would be spending with us to get better business solutions. We respect that and aim to fulfill our commitments with them. To do that, we follow the best industry practice and ensure they are used with the most emerging technologies in the market.
  • We have built the company's strong foundation and aim to provide transparent and customized client services. We collaborate with our clients to provide them with the most innovative solutions.
  • We believe in maintaining our clients' trust in every project we work with them. We offer a lot of flexibility in our services so that the client can easily customize them per their needs.
We believe in teamwork and work with our experienced team and client to provide them with the latest updates. Business solutions are nothing without a good R&D, for which we have a dedicated team. We ensure that the newest technology is used and analyze how the results with the R&D will be for the company. Our aim, vision, and mission are all customer-centric and aim to be the best service provider in all domains.

Why Us?

We started allsoft® to provide our clients with the best possible services and ensure they return to us for every business need. For this to happen, we made sure that our team comprised some of the best professionals in the industry. Not only our professionals, but the IT infrastructure we use is the best and the latest in the market. We also ensure that we work on the latest and upgraded technology to give our clients the competitive edge they require in the business. We understand what our clients need, which is why we offer customized service. Our customized services make sure that the solution provides effective and efficient results for the business.

We have catered to the needs of multiple companies during our time in the market. We have helped industries from various backgrounds automate their operations and get the best results for their investment. We also have experienced professionals from every sector to assist clients in every possible way.

Due to our in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with various industries, we can understand the requirements of volatile markets and deliver solutions accordingly. We create a technological ecosystem for every business so that every different task can be handled easily.

We are very strict regarding the quality and on-time delivery of the project. During our consultancy process, we provide our clients with a complete roadmap of what we will deliver and the time expected for the delivery. It ensures that the entire process is completely transparent and the client has all the details beforehand about the process. There are no hidden costs or terms in what we deliver. We provide all the details with highly optimized and personalized solutions. Due to this, we can deliver as per the company's expectations timely.
  • We are not only good at providing automation services and IT consultancy but also ensure that our clients can use the same with changing market requirements.
  • We make sure that the solutions provided to the organizations are constantly updated with any new technology and market requirements that come up in the future.
  • The changes and updates are done without hampering any business's existing efficiency and operations.
  • Our process ensures the business model is ready to accept any changes and upgrades without affecting the current growth and revenue.

Business Area and Expertise

  • Web Application Development.
  • Mobile Application Development, Customization, and Integration Solutions.
  • Website Development.
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management.
  • Requirement Analysis And Prototyping.
  • Program and Project Management Services.
  • e-Governance Services and ERP Solutions.
  • Software Development, Customization & Integration.
  • IT Facility Management Services and Solutions Solutions and Services.
  • Data Centre Solutions and Services.
  • Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud Solutions and Services.
  • Smart Email, SMS, IVRS, VOIP, SIP, Chat Solutions.
  • Program and Project Management Services.
  • SaaS, PaaS & IaaS Solutions.
  • Skilled and Expert Manpower hiring, recruitment, and deployment Solutions.

About Nitin Kabra

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About Nitin Kabra

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