Problems faced by people in obtaining e-pass from NIC:

  • Organizations can apply for e-passes for employee movement on the website of the National Informatics Centers (NIC). Organizations will have to upload their Udyog Aadhaar or GST registration certificate as proof and must abide by the standard operating procedure as specified along with any other orders issued by the government. This is a quite lengthy and tiresome process.
  • They also have to provide information of the vehicles that are allowed to transport employees, which is a challenging requirement.
  • While some who are tech adept find it simple to apply for an e-pass online, many people find the process to be exceedingly difficult. To apply for an e-pass, they must rely on the younger generation.
  • According to the NIC portal, consumers can apply for e-passes primarily for deaths, marriages, and medical situations. For individuals planning to travel for other reasons, the system does not allow.
  • It’s assumed that candidates are compelled to give bogus justifications when applying for e-pass since they have no other choice. Thus, many applications are turned down.
  • Users reported that the poor system speed prevented them from finishing the entire e-pass generation process.

How allsoft® helped Chhattisgarh Govt build a sophisticated e-pass application

There are 2 methods in which a person can apply for the Chhattisgarh e-pass:

  • You can install the mobile application on your smartphones, fill out your application forms with the ease of your phone and just download your e-pass easily.
  • Another method is to visit the official website of Chhattisgarh government, CGCovid19. in.ePass, fill out your application form and get your passes ready after downloading them. Note that your reason to apply for the e-Pass must be genuine and valid one, unless it might get rejected and you may or may not be able to re-register for your next e-Pass.
The e-pass is available for:
  • Anyone with a valid reason: For all those who are in need of getting the allowance in case of any emergency flooding in, they can get the ease of using this e-pass.
  • Students and learners: For the students who are having their exams and are getting late, do not have to apply for an e-pass, they can just leave and visit their examination center.
  • Patients: The patients especially the pregnant women or any other serious medical condition do not require an e-pass and can visit their hospitals as per their convenience.

Advantages over NIC:

  • It is easy to apply for the e-pass, as they have both options, applying over the website or via your mobile phones.
  • No problem related to slow connection.
  • Can be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge.
  • Faster approval of e-pass