Case Study and Project: TallySnyc

The Problem

Tally is not an intuitive piece of software. It does not make it easier for you to utilize. Even though the software is straightforward, not everyone can use it right away without some training in accounting. As a result, if you are unfamiliar with accounting, it does not provide its users with clear instructions on how to utilize it.

The same transaction screen cannot be opened on different machines. As a result, it takes more time than comparable applications that enables you to work on multiple ledgers concurrently. It is challenging for the user to view multiple items in Tally at once because only one ledger may be opened at a time.

Tally has undergone some little improvement despite the release of new versions. The difference between Tally 4.5 and Tally 9 ERP is rarely discernible. One of the greatest limitations of this software is that if you already own an older version of Tally, you cannot upgrade it with the new capabilities found in the most recent edition. You are limited to using a single type of tally because the creators don’t care to see if the older versions of Tally are still in use. However, it is a positive start that they have now made it possible to jump from 7.2 to 9.

How We Solved

TallySync is a solution for creating crucial business reports using your Tally.ERP 9 data access 24 hours a day. It enables constant communication with your company. For PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, we created separate applications. Additionally, TallySync offers Web Integration with Tally. ERP9 enables the use of Tally across various locations.

Support For Various Locations

With TallySync, you can use your single-user license to run Tally in other areas outside your business.

Support For Multiple Firms

N companies can be coordinated and made available in one location.

Multiple Reports (Real-Time)

Ledger, Day Book, OutstandingRep, Sales Purchase, Stock, and other significant tally reports are readily available upon request.

Printing & Mailing Facility

Directly from TallySync on a PC, reports can be printed or mailed. Only sending by mobile and tab is supported.




Case Study: All Soft Books

The Problem

Accounting software is widely used in enterprises to automate repetitive accounting operations, set controls, and generate financial reports. Whether a business is a giant corporation or a sole proprietorship, there is typically one accounting software program that can meet most of its demands.

  • Any interruption in service brought on by a computer or power outage could prevent corporate operations, restrict access to stored information, loss of financial data if it is not securely backed up.
  • Data entry errors because most accounting systems involve some manual data entry. Finding inaccurate information could be challenging if a propensity exists to evaluate an accounting system’s final reports or output.
  • The price of accounting software is another significant drawback. The costs of upkeep, modification, training, and computer hardware go beyond the software’s initial investment.

How We Solved

Small to medium-sized business solutions are hosted by allsoft® Books, which is aware of the agility of the industry experts and the specific goals and needs of these businesses. This is done to provide future-proof functionality.

  • Streamline the billing and accounts payable processes.
  • At the conclusion of each month, close the books more quickly.
  • For a better client experience, reduce billing or invoicing problems.
  • Utilize specialized dashboards and portals to put customers in control.
  • Teams from product, sales, and finance should be brought together to discuss product offerings and potential revenue sources.
  • Create effective global financial reports with Salesforce Tableau/built-in Einstein’s analytics.
  • Real-time dashboards can provide your team with information that is useful and simple to understand.
  • Updates and fixes will be sent to you automatically throughout the duration of your contract.