Problems faced by patients:

Cannot maintain the home isolation regulations efficiently: The government of India issued a guideline regarding home isolation which stated certain rules like – no self-medication, blood test, X-ray, or CT scan. But patients do not follow all the guidelines, as it is impossible for them to go through the document being Covid positive.

Unavailability of doctors: Doctors avoid visiting in person, phone numbers remain busy/unreachable, and health workers obtain details of patients over phone calls which is quite tiresome. Due to such constraints, patients opt for self-medication risk.

Unable to reach the authoritative bodies: The commissioners become hard to reach. The assistant or PA of zone commissioners does not convey the reports properly. Ultimately the authority is unaware of patients who need home isolation kits and other necessities.

Unable to maintain one’s physical and mental health: During this time, it is hard to cope with both physical and mental tiredness. A one-stop solution could eliminate this.

Unavailability of room in their house or small family: Yes, this is the greatest problem seen so far. Since no separate room is available for the patient there is a greater risk of contamination among family members.

How we helped the Chhattisgarh Government build an effective Home Isolation Management System

We created an all-in-one solution for patients who do not need to worry about doctor unavailability or authoritative ignorance.

HIMS is an online web-based solution for managing home isolation that provides real-time insights for Covid patients.

  • Easy collection of data: One just needs to fill out a form that contains personal details, health details, etc.
  • The choice for home isolation: If one has no separate room in their house, they can opt for isolation in hospitals – private or government. One can choose a hospital of their own choice.
  • The immediate response from zone commissioner to take proper measurements
  • Quick doctor check-up: The doctor will take care of the patient’s health timely through the app. This will help in maintaining a hygienic home isolation routine
  • You get all your reports after completion. Hurray!

Working Procedure of HIMS


The process of Home Isolation will start when the Contact Tracing team will receive the list of all Covid positive patients on the day. SMS notification with the URL of HIMS will be sent to all the patients where they will be asked to register for the Home Isolation by filling in all the details such as:

  • OTP-based mobile number verification.
  • Basic Details Name, Father’s Name, Mobile Number, Password, Age, Gender, Complete address with Street Name, House number, locality and District, Zone.
  • Number of People Residing in the house while the patient is in Home Isolation, whether the patient has a separate room and bathroom in their house or not.
  • Date of Sampling for Covid test.
  • Selection of Home Isolation Under viz. Private Hospital, Government Doctor, and Private Doctor.
  • Whether the patient has any comorbidities like Lung, Heart, Kidney Disease, or Diabetes.

Zone Commissioner

The patient will be redirected to the Patient Dashboard which will show them the status of their HI request i.e. Pending at the Zone Commissioner.

The Zone Commissioner will get a list of all the pending HI requests. They will be able to see the details that the patient has put in while registering for HI. They will visit the Patient’s home and inspect whether all the details provided by the patient are correct or not.

  • The GPS location will be captured.
  • A Picture needs to be taken of the Patient’s home. In case of approval, they have to take a picture after pasting Covid Positive Notice on the Patient’s house’s outer wall.
  • In case of rejection, they will have to select Rejection reason and input any other comments if any.
  • In case of approval, then they will also enter the number of Medicine Kits provided to the patient.
  • The Zone Commissioners will also have the option to change the Zone of the Patient in case the patient has unknowingly wrongly selected the Zone. The HI request will then be transferred to the respective Zone’s Zone Commissioner.
Doctor and Patient health records

The Patient’s dashboard will be updated and the status will show as Approved. The dashboard will also show:

  • Patient Undertaking.
  • The selected Doctor’s Name and Contact Number.
  • Number of Days Remaining in HI.
  • Option to Update their Daily Health Records.
  • HI Guidelines.
  • Emergency Contact Numbers.

After approval, the Patient will have to update their Health Records i.e. Body Temperature, Oxygen Saturation, Pulse and remarks if any. These records will have to be updated by the patient 4 times a day Starting from 08.00 AM, 12.00 PM, 04.00 PM and 08.00 PM. If the patient fails to update the record, an SMS will be sent to them as a reminder regarding the update of their record at that interval. A warning message will also be shown to the patients that if they fail or neglect to update their health records daily, it may lead to non-issuance of HI completion certificate.

In the Doctor’s Active HI List, the doctor will be able to see the patient’s details with the number of days completed in HI. The doctor will also get a calendar with a marker on the date depicting whether the Patient has updated the Health record or not. On click of that date, the doctor will be able to see the Health Record entered by the patient on that particular day.

Home Isolation complete. Whoa! you are negative. Download your certificates